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Articles in category 'The Industries Of Records, Gaming, Software, Movies'

Articles in category 'The Industries Of Records, Gaming, Software, Movies'

TIDAL Shut down the Downloader Tool
The TIDAL downloading tool "TiDown" was promptly shut down by the streaming service, with help from GitHub. TiDown developer is not going to fight the takedown request, but the industry experts admit that it will be very hard to prevent the open source code from spreading.

TiDown allowed TIDAL tracks to be permanently downloaded to a computer without requiring users to listen to the entire track before copying it, which makes it unique and sets it apart from similar download tools. Its developer explained that TiDown was an actual downloader, which allowed you to log into TIDAL and get the direct “stream-URLs” that can then be downloaded.

Of course, TIDAL operators were not happy with this tool and quickly took action against it. They sent a takedown notice to the developer platform GitHub, where the tool code was hosted, claiming that it is infringing on the rights of their client. The DMCA notice required the immediate removal of TiDown. GitHub complied, and now you will see the takedown notification if you try to access the GitHub repo, linked on the official TiDown page.

At the same time, the tool developer is surprised by the language used in the takedown notice that claims that the tool infringes “TIDAL source code,” which is actually not the case. TiDown’s swift takedown was an obvious disappointment for the developer, but part of the motivation for the tool was to expose the vulnerabilities in TIDAL’s API, which was quite successful.

Besides, it was found that TiDown is not as dead as it may seem. Its developer noted that the project has been forked several times already and those repositories are still available on GitHub.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.
Flaws Found in Hollywood Screener System
Screener copies of the latest movies provided to the awards voters for watching are some of most valuable assets of the entertainment industry. However, they somehow leak out online every year in close to perfect quality.

Now the studios have been testing Netflix-like systems that eliminate the need for physical discs to be sent out. One such system is available at, which is supposed to allow SAG-AFTRA members and other industry insiders to view the latest films in a secure environment. However, one security researcher has recently discovered an exposed MongoDB database while conducting tests, which appeared to be a part of He explained that the database was running with no authentication required for access, entirely exposed to the open Internet.

By the way, the database contained over 1,200 user logins, including senior executives of the movie studios. Despite the fact that their hashed passwords would be difficult to crack, the database itself was publicly offering admin-level access, which means that any of the values in the database could have been changed to arbitrary values. This flaw could blow a hole in the screener system and have significant piracy and subsequent law enforcement implications. The researcher explained that a malicious person could log into any of the user accounts, screencap an unreleased movie and torrent it.

Keeping in mind that there might also be video watermark technology allowing to trace which account it came from, a malicious person can also frame any of the users for the distribution by using their account to do it.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.
Hackers Sell 395,000 uTorrent Forum Accounts
It recently became known that uTorrent's forums had been hacked and exposed the personal details of the users. Now the database has been put up for sale on a darknet marketplace for just 1 Bitcoin.

uTorrent remains the most popular torrent client in the West, accounting for over 150m monthly users. Therefore, as it is usually a case, the parent company BitTorrent Inc. needs to maintain a community forum for support and other issues, which also accounts for tens of thousands of visitors each day. About three months ago, it came to light that information the website held on its users was compromised: the uTorrent team issued a security alert and advised users to change their passwords due to a leak following a security issue elsewhere. Reportedly, the attackers were able to download a list of uTorrent forum users.

Now the database obtained during the breach has gone up for sale on a darknet marketplace, said to contain emails and passwords from the forum. Some passwords are encrypted with Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) and some with the weak MD5 hashes. The surprising thing is that the asking price is quite low considering the number of accounts involved – just less that one Bitcoin ($600), which may equal to its usefulness.

Another interesting thing is that the seller claims that the data was obtained from uTorrent back in January, which is half a year in advance of the security alert from the company. claimed the same January date, but it states that only 10% of the accounts have been compromised at the time. uTorrent team hasn’t explained the difference in dates yet.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.
Anti-Piracy Groups Asked Candidates for Tougher Copyright Laws
Copyright Alliance and CreativeFuture have sent an open letter and petition calling on both Clinton and Trump to take a tougher approach to copyright legislation. The groups say that protecting entertainment content is vital, and they don’t care which party is in power.
“No Mario's Sky” Game Renamed to “DMCA’s Sky”
Nintendo continues to fight against fan-made games that mention its characters. In response, developers of one game have bitten back and rebranded their game as DMCA's Sky. Unfortunately, that couldn't stop it being withdrawn from triannual game coding competition.
Swedish ISP Deleted IP-Address Logs to Protect Users
Bahnhof is still fighting against copyright owners who try to target alleged file-sharers. The ISP has setup its logging policies in such as way that it can refuse requests for IP-address information. Bahnhof suggests that other providers should follow its example.
Warner Bros. Listed Its Own Website in Takedown Request
The movie studio is never tired of trying to prevent its infringed content from showing up in search results, but recently it went as far as to asking Google to take down its own website, claiming that some of its pages contain illegal material.

Warner Bros. believes that Google facilitates finding pirated content and wants it to remove websites like The Pirate Bay from search results entirely. The movie studio is doing its best by reporting pirated content to Google and asking it to be removed from the results. Like the entire entertainment industry, Warner Bros. intensified its efforts and thus far it has flagged over 4m allegedly infringing links. The problem is that not all of the reports are accurate – and this week’s example proves this.

Through its anti-piracy partner Vobile, the Hollywood studio asked the search engine to censor its own URLs from the search results, including the official Warner page of the 2008 Batman movie The Dark Knight and another URL for the sci-fi classic The Matrix. So, Vobile asks the search giant to remove this link from search results acting on behalf of the studio. A few days earlier, a similar takedown notice targeted Warner’s website, claiming that the official page for The Lucky One is infringing its copyrights.

In this case, Warner Bros. only hurts itself with such takedown requests. But the problem is that its own website is not the only erroneously targeted domain. It also targets a link to the Amazon store, selling or renting a copy of The Dark Knight, as well as a link to Batman Begins in the Sky Cinema store, long with the movie’s official IMDb page.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.
ISP Attacked Copyright Trolls in Sweden
File-sharers all over the world have been targeted with lawsuits by copyright trolls, if they refuse to pay a settlement fee. This scheme was first tried in Germany, and then copyright holders started targeting alleged pirates all over Europe, in the United States, Canada and elsewhere.

Now Sweden was hit with a wave of settlement offers for alleged infringers. One of the most active anti-piracy groups is Spridningskollen, which uses data collected by German entity Excipio and is going to start by targeting around 1,000 alleged pirates, demanding settlements of about $230. The group compared the process with speeding cameras, where file-sharers run a risk to be “fined” if they get caught. This will bring profit, but can also deter other people from violating copyright.

But this story is not about how a copyright troll targeted file-shares, but about how it suffered an attack from the local Internet service provider. Swedish company Bahnhof accused Spridningskollen of trademark infringement, claiming the rights on the “spridningskollen” mark and saying it was the first to apply for the trademark rights at the national Patent and Registration Office.

By the way, Bahnhof was the first broadband provider to warn its users about the looming flood of settlement demands and encourage people to assess the severity of the problem by launching the website, which maps the extortion letters from copyright trolls.

After it turned out that the anti-piracy group has stolen their trademark, the ISP decided to take action over the apparent infringement. Bahnhof demands the authorities to shut down the website The ISP also said there are many different ways that interfere with their operation. It called settlement letters “unethical, anachronistic and counter-productive.”

Besides, the Swedish ISP is calling on the local government to reform copyright legislation in order to prevent such “excessive and overbroad enforcement tactics.” In the meantime, Bahnhof vows to protect its customers from the copyright trolling practice. In other words, the copyright holders won’t get IP-address info and user details from the ISP without obtaining a court order.

Thanks to TorrentFreak for providing the source of the article.
Sri Lankan President Website Hacked by Teenager
A 17-year-old student was arrested in Sri Lanka for hacking into President’s official website. The student posted a message on the website urging to postpone the exams. He was taken into custody under computer crimes laws. Attorneys revealed that the student faces a fine of about $2,000 and up to 3 years in jail on conviction. The teenager had removed the home page and replaced it with a call to delay ongoing Advanced Level examinations.

The police explained that they traced the hack to the boy’s home in a town about 60 miles east of the capital, Colombo. In result of the attack, the website was crippled over the weekend. On Monday, it was up and running again. In the meantime, security experts admit that Sri Lankan websites had been hacked in the past, but never before has a teenager been arrested under computer crimes laws.
Germany Urged Facebook to Tackle Hateful Content Better
The German interior minister claimed that Facebook should put more effort in removing racist and violent content from its service, after visiting the social media giant’s office in Berlin.

It must be said that the German government has been critical of the company for a while now, complaining that the service accounting for 1.6bn monthly users had been slow to respond to hate speech and anti-immigrant content. For example, the German justice minister claimed that Facebook must abide by stricter German laws banning racist sentiment, even those that are allowed in the US under freedom of speech. At the same time, he recognized Facebook’s efforts to develop software able to better identify improper content, as well as praised the company’s efforts to fight child porn. He also said that Facebook was right to warn users in its T&C against the dissemination of illegal content.

A non-profit group maintaining a database of information about extremist groups also calls Facebook a leader in the social media sector when it comes to fighting extremism, but says that “more work is needed”. Today, all social media start to realize that the weaponization of social media platforms is not good business and not good for society. The group is currently completing its work on a new software tool that is able to identify new pictures and videos published online by Islamic State and other extremist groups. The software will be able to remove such content instantly wherever it occurs, like it is already done with child porn images.

Mark Zuckerberg came to Berlin earlier in 2016 in order to respond to the criticism, saying he had learned from the company’s experience in Germany that migrants were a group of people who also needed to be protected from hate speech.

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